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The idea of the pub quiz generator is to enable you to create your own tailor made quiz questions to suit your specific requirements. Whether you want easy questions, not so easy, or maybe specific categories like sport, music or just general knowledge, there is no limit and you build it all yourself! You can then use what you have built either for a pub quiz, or for entertaining in your own home, or maybe even as a fundraising event for your chosen purpose.

If you have a very specific quiz questions category in mind, say for example you are running a pub quiz for your local darts team, you may want all questions to be themed around that subject. If you cannot find the exact content you are looking for, let us know and we will help you put together the perfect pub quiz for your needs.

One of the great things about the pub quiz, is that it has a lasting popularity, and when you offer cash prizes for the winners, you are sure to attract people who want to join in. That’s good news for you if you are raising money with your pub quiz, and the extra visitors to your local will also make you very popular with the landlord!

One of the things we have experienced many times at quizzes we’ve been to, is that the quiz questions sometimes seem to have the wrong answers. This can be very annoying if you know the right answer but don’t get any points (or prizes) because the answers to the quiz questions are wrong. All of the questions and answers in our pub quiz database have been checked and verified for accuracy. Please remember though that we invite quiz questions to be submitted by readers and these sometimes take time to verify, so if you do come across what you think is a discrepancy, just let us know and we’ll check it out straight away.

Once you have decided on your questions and have generated your pub quiz, you can save it, print it or download it as a .PDF file. if you are not sure, just follow the guidelines in the “how to” section.

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