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If you are ever involved in fundraising for your chosen charity, or maybe a sports team, or a club of some sort, a pub quiz is a great way to get people involved and when it’s successful you can run it weekly or monthly and you will eventually get a group of interested players who look forward to your regular get together, and it can become a good social event as well.

All you need to do is firstly agree a venue that can be used regularly. A pub is favourite because people go there to socialise anyway. Also the pub owner or landlord is likely to help you with it because it’s potentially bringing more customers to his pub. The usual format would be to charge the players a fixed fee per head (£1 per person is good), then give 50% of the takings to the winner and bingo, you make the other 50% for your fundraising. If you do this weekly or monthly or whatever, you can ask regular people to perhaps bring a small gift for 2nd place or a booby prize for last!

One thing to keep an eye on is the perceived standard of the participants in your quiz. For example, if you have 50 quiz questions, and the maximum score is 50, and all of your players manage less than 30, you may want to select some questions that are a bit easier, otherwise some people may lose interest if they think it’s too hard, especially if a few clued up folk are always winning! Same thing in reverse, if everybody gets very high scores then maybe the questions need to be a bit harder. Just keep checking results and you will find the right level eventually.


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