Teamwork is best

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If you enter a quiz, either a pub quiz, or an on line version, or even something you would play at home, it’s a great feeling to come out as the winner. When you think about entering a pub quiz with an eye on winning first prize, it’s worth remembering that entering as a team will almost always be better than entering it by yourself (unless you are one of the Eggheads!)

Just think about it. Every person will have their own ‘specialist subjects’ and if there are 4 or 5 in the team those specialist subjects are multiplied, and give you a greater pool of knowledge with which to answer the quiz questions. In my case my best subjects are music, geography and maybe a bit of history. So if I am in a team where others are good on TV, films, sport, politics etc, (not my better subjects) we would have a good variety of ‘experts’ and a better chance of doing well in the pub quiz.

I remember being on holiday a couple of years ago, when the hotel ran a quiz for the residents. There were 4 people at each table, but the couple on our table said they wanted to enter on their own. In the end we came second and the other couple came third, which wasn’t too bad as we got a free drink! The point is though, that had we shared our answers as a team, we would have won easily, which would have got us 50 euros between us. I think they were more disappointed than us, because they expected to win. Still hopefully a lesson learned.

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